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Dr Paul on Vaccines

October 09, 2018

Razberry kids - Dr Paul on Vaccines

Vaccines a swear word; a life saver; the greatest medical advance or a big pharma plot to eat our children’s souls.

I am not here to debate the pros and cons, that I have stated often. I want to ask the question around questioning.

A facebook post by a “Facebook friend” or fellow personal life sharer around her refusal to cow-tow to the medical adventures suggested by her medical Team made me think how medicine has changed from the world of, the bizarrely, still worshiped Christiaan Barnard, a man who’s narcissistic defiance enabled a South African first in medical history, but left a trail of deceit, anger and disloyalty that has been written about, but strangely ignored by the masses; to a world where questions are asked about people, professions and products every second of our fleeting lives.

Doctors and other professionals from law to finance and even to gym instructors have lost their license to practice without question, and let’s be honest doctors were right up there with African dictators as self believing and deluding Demi-gods in ages past. Where scissors were hurled across theatres and fathers expelled from labour wards during births and families excluded from all medical decisions.... because doctors knew best.

Yes Dr Google is often joked about and Carte Blanche loves an expose of a botched breast, so doctors frailties and easy access to mass public opinion and social (spy) media has done away with the limited access to knowledge and opened the doctors bag to the world for inspection, but I think it is funneled from a deeper more respectable place.

I attended an all boys Etonesque boarding school in Africa’s bush, respect of or for teachers, elders and anything senior, including the House masters dog was not only expected but enforced. That’s not the life my kids live, they barely respect me, their father, and I don’t mean they are out of control brats with no manners, I simply mean respect has to be earned and authority, what ever and where ever it comes from is questioned by a youth allowed to think out of the box. Questioning is encouraged and  minds are more supple, responsive and allowed to be smart in so many more things and ways. This does have its failings and the balance of life can easily be lost at school and at home leading to  an older generation often looks for control through medication rather than adjustment.

Again don’t get me wrong, there are too many people and certainly, a lot more pressures on modern kids without the specific schools, teachers and curriculum to suit every expanding mind and so medical intervention can and is useful at times.

But I digress and want to simply end with the thought that it is not a return to nature nor the natural; that big brother google and face book may allow information sharing, but that doctoring and lawyering and shopping and vaccination are no longer specialised, exclusive worlds where the king rules, but areas where younger generations with more allowance to question are doing just that. Back Home

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