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African Baby Carrier - original denim + print

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Why the African Baby Carrier?

..most of the weight is carried on the hip rather than the shoulders 

• it can be used in the front and on the back 

• it can be used from 4 months 

to 4 years (20kg) 

• it caters for the baby/toddler falling asleep (hood for head support and shade) 

• it has no bulky metal frame to get in the way while you’re wearing it at home 

• it is totally washable 

• it rolls up compactly for travel 

• these carriers are proudly South African, and are made by otherwise unemployed ladies from the local township. 

• the bag you bought your carrier in can be clipped on the back of the carrier and used as additional storage space. 

• the deluxe carrier can be enlarged by opening a zip for when the baby turns 

into a toddler. 

Transitional seat provides knee-to-knee support for infants through toddlers. The ergonomic design supports baby's back and hips in all positions, including forward-facing. Forward-facing position provides ergonomic comfort for child in a fully seated position. The comfortable material and wide, weight-transferring waist belt, make this carrier perfect for both mom and baby's comfort.