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Baby Dam

BabyDam has been designed to give your little one a safe secure space in which to bathe  reducing the amount of water you use every bathtime. You also save the time taken to run a whole bath and the energy needed to heat that extra water.

With the BabyDam, you can save up to 56 litres of water at every bath time when fitted at the halfway point of a standard sized bath, but it can be positioned to create a smaller or larger area in the bath so even more water and money can be saved. It thus also takes far less time to fill your standard bath with the BabyDam inserted – meaning more time to have fun at bath time with your little one.

The BabyDam is the only baby bath that grows with your child, as it can be repositioned in the bath as they grow accordingly: it can be used with newborn babies from the outset, with no need to use a traditional baby bath, or it can be used in a standard bath for many years after your little one has outgrown their baby bath.

Clever suction cups and upgraded rubber skirt make inserting the BabyDam at bath time super easy, and the BabyDam's unique design makes it easy to hang and store the product.

It includes a plug which is there to prevent overfilling, especially with a very young baby – and when your child gets a little older, put the plug in and fill it up a little more.


Some guidelines: Always keep the water level below the max fill line which is right at the top of the plug. Fits all standard straight-sided baths with a non-textured bottom, including P or L-shaped baths. The BabyDam is 65cm long (or wide across the bath).

Easy to fit, lots of fun and eco friendly too!