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Baby Changing Basket

Imported from Malawi and made by expert craftsman, each changing station is unique and adds character to any nursery.

DIAPER CHANGING - made easy with this unique basket, designed to stop baby rolling around during diaper changes. 

BABY CHANGING BASKET - provides a safe space to change your baby's diapers and includes a

SOFT WASHABLE PAD for your baby's comfort

HANDMADE CHANGING BASKET- is versatile and can be used as storage; for toys and linen's once baby has grown out of diapers, looking great in your nursery and all around your home.

FITS MOST DIAPER CHANGING STATIONS- Compliments your modern nursery.


Product details:

  • Approximately 75 cm length x 45 cm width x 10 cm height.
  • Made from 100% natural ilala palm
  • Excludes mattress