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Netting Hanging Canopy Tent (Assorted)

Hanging Tent Canopy – they create a magical place for your little one to hideaway and read a book or let their imaginations take them to a far away place.

They also look beautiful above a feeding chair or cot. Easy to hang up and move outdoors.

Size: - 45cm diameter hoop and 3m in length

Made from a stretch material, but caution to handle with care.

*** This product is made to order and has a lead time of up to 3 weeks ***


GREAT QUALITY & DURABLE NETTING - Made of high quality yarn, durable, soft and lightweight. Features an opening for easy entrance, keeping all the terrible and annoying flying bugs, mosquitoes, insects away. A perfect kid's own space to read and play.

Room decor and Perfect over baby craddle/crib, toddler bed, play area mat/rug. Features an opening for easy entrance and cutest POMPOM decoration! 

Designed for perfectly blocking out glaring light and giving your little baby a shady and cozy sleeping/playing environment, keeping all the terrible and annoying flying bugs, mosquitoes, insects away. A perfect kid's own space to read and play.

EASY TO ASSEMBLE - The 1 point hanging system allows for easy setup with no assembly skills needed. 

TURN YOUR CHILD’S ROOM INTO A PALACE: This beautiful canopy and tent is the perfect bedroom accessory for a child’s bedroom . Extra long and flowing, this fabric crowns any bed, crib, or play area, providing a place for your little ones to seek privacy, role play or read. This soft drapery is reminiscent of a style fit for a prince or princess, which will encourage play time and imagination.

A LITTLE “EXTRA” FOR THE BEDROOM: Since you knew you were pregnant, you’ve probably painstakingly picked out all the accessories and decorations for your little one’s room. From the bedding to the wall color to the bins - everything is color coordinated and boasted to promote a quaint, ethereal, magical sanctuary. This ceiling-to-floor draping is the perfect addition to make your kid’s bedroom pop and dazzle.

HIGH QUALITY STITCHING AND CRAFTSMANSHIP: Crafted from a cotton blend, our premium canopies are soft to the touch but won’t rip or tear easily. Harnessed with an accompany hook screw that can be anchor in a room or patio, our overhead net will remain secure and durable even among the most rambunctious among them.

KEEPS THE SCARY MONSTERS AWAY: This adorable, stylish hideaway for boys and girls is the perfect decorative piece that will make your precious kid, toddler, or baby feel safe and secure. Designed to promote feelings of happiness, peace, calm, and good thoughts, our indoor and outdoor canopy tent will keep the bad dreams at bay.

THE PERFECT GIFT: If you are in search for a playful, fun, unique, and functional gift for someone, look no further.