Baby Carry Cot - Baby Cot

Perfect for your little person's first few months.

Constructed from cotton with a soft cotton inner and mattress cover, your little one will enjoy the transition from womb to cocoon. The baby carry cot is large enough to allow your baby space to grow and cozy enough to create a safe, secure environment for sleeping.

Place the baby carry cot near you or on the bed next to you so that your baby can still hear your movements. As your little one settles into life on the outside, place the carry cot inside the cot for an easy transition.

The baby carry cot comes standard with an interior pocket, a mattress and cover, as well as a stiff base.

While the felt motif is typically a star, bird or monster leaf ... we're happy to consider custom requests.

*** Because these carrycots are handmade, please allow for 5 to 10 working days to process***

The baby cot provides your baby with a safe and comfortable place to sleep anywhere, whether you're visiting family and friends. You will have peace of mind knowing that the firm mattress and fitted sheet help provide a safe sleeping environment.

Do not use this product on an elevated surface. 

This baby cot is committed to improving the quality and safety of babies' sleep, while providing the most suitable, safe and hygienic materials for babies. The face is made of cotton fabric, so it's breathable better than other fabric, like polyester. But Better not laying baby face straight down.

This baby cot is as cute baby bed. It’s very soft and light weight so definitely very soothing for baby. It’s easy to carry to any place due to light weight and it can be placed anywhere like sofa, bed or in carpet. It’s machine washable and we didn’t find any color fade or any damage after wash. It has enough space inside for baby to move side by side. 

Not only is this baby cot beautiful, but it keeps the baby secure and safe while she sleeps. You wont need to worry about her rolling over the edge and often the baby will snuggle up to the bumpers which hold her secure inside the lounger.