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Gina the Giraffe

'Meet Gina!
Nightlight & Torch - Let your children find their way in the dark with Gina the Giraffe!

- Kid-friendly and easy to use!
- Gina isn’t only a multicolour LED nightlight; also functions as a torch for reading, playing and guiding the way at night from the bedroom to bathroom.
- Nightlight Colours: Simply press the button on the Giraffe’s body until the nightlight switches on. Hold down the button until the desired light colour is found. Let your child choose from 7 different colour options: yellow, orange, red, pink, blue, turquoise, green.
- Automatic Shut-Off: Nightlight automatically switches-off after 30 minutes of use; When plugged-in the nightlight will stay lit the entire night. To manually switch off the nightlight, press down on the button until light shuts off.
- Torch Function: To turn the torchlight on and off, simply click the button on the Giraffe’s body. When turned ON the bottom of the Giraffe will emit a bright white LED light. The torchlight could be used as a reading lamp, toy, camping accessory or guide for your child at night. After 10 minutes the torchlight will automatically switch off.
- Cordless and Rechargeable: Powered by a rechargeable battery and charges with a USB cable. When the battery is nearly empty, a small charging symbol will light up, this is your indication to plug-in the Giraffe. When charging, the Giraffe will light up continuously. The light will turn green when fully charged.

Technical Info:
- Operated by a rechargeable battery & USB cable (included)
- Gina is tested according to international regulations
- Age recommendation: 3+ years