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Knot Cushions (Assorted Sizes)

Allow 3-6 weeks for delivery

This popular décor item is skillfully twisted to create a double strand cushion. Available in a wide range of colours, it certainly is a statement piece that creates a focal point in any room. The Knot Cushions are also fully washable, on a cold gentle load, making them easy to use in a child’s playspace too. The Medium and Small Knot Cushions are just the right size for a developing baby to help them learn to grasp, let go and pass toys from one hand to the other, crossing the mid line in the process.

Colour options are subject to availability and lead time is 3-6 weeks. If the colour you have chosen is not available due to unforeseen circumstances we will contact you with other options. As this is a hand crafted product colours and patterns may be slightly different to displayed image and variations may occur. Please check products regularly for damage in your child’s playspace.