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Razberry Kids Multi Covers - Car Seat/ Trolly Cover & Nursing Cover


Made from quality rayon blend fabric in the contemporary colours, its gender neutral design appreciated by both moms and babies. The top ventilation has been made a bit wider than other covers for extra ventilation and the cover itself is a bit larger to allow it to comfortably fit a large range of seats --- the cover grows along with baby and can be used in multiple ways
1. Car Seat Cover
No clips needed ---use it as a car seat canopy - it can offer 360° full coverage and 100% protection, keep your baby away from wind, sunlight, bright light, pollen, dust, mosquito,insect and even unwanted onlookers to protect your privacy.
2. Breast Feeding Cover
The lightweight, breathable fabric allow for a cool, well ventilated cover for when baby is being fed. The muted, neutral tones have been chosen to have a calming effect on babies when feeding. The fabric is stretchy, giving baby the opportunity to move while feeding.
3. Trolley cover
Simply pop cover over the trolley seat to minimise your toddler's exposure to unwanted germs
Other uses  --- light blanket, high chair cover in restaurants etc
One of our most sought after gifts because it is just so practical.