Petilou Sensory Shapes

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With a world of contradictory parenting advice floating around, it's a wonder how anyone actually makes it out alive! At least striking a balance between stimulating and over-stimulating a baby need not be one of those areas of confusion. This set of Sensory Shapes from Le Toy Van is just the ticket in providing appropriate, gentle sensory stimulation through attractive, soft-tone colours, natural materials, sounds and light, allowing a baby to manipulate and determine the level of stimulation they can manage without becoming overwhelmed. 

The Sensory Shape set:

  • includes 9 light-weight shapes and the matching tray, crafted from wood sourced from sustainable plantations
  • is painted in attractive colours, and individually illustrated with adorable creatures, in non-toxic, water-based stain
  • uses simple elements (rattling beads, jingly bell, reflected light on a mirror, fluffy fabric) to gently stimulate a baby's senses without becoming overwhelming