Baby and Kids Rain Poncho - Dino

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Not just fun to wear and play in, the Baby Ponchos are waterproof and durable garments designed to keep your little ones dry and protected outdoors. Ponchos are perfect for rainy days to quickly throw over your head. Perfect for school drop-offs or outdoor play. 

- Waterproof
- Lightweight and portable
- Ponchos pack away in a small, handy drawstring carry bag making it easy  to carry around in case of rain

- Navy blue with yellow hoody lining 
- Yellow dinosaur details on hoody for extra fun 
- Two strings are located at the sides to create sleeves to keep Poncho secure in the wind

- Two strings are located at the sides to create sleeves to keep Poncho secure in the wind

 Small - 12 months - 2 years

Medium - 3 - 4 years

Large - 5 - 6 years

Consider the humble Rain Poncho. Whether you are going to a concert, taking your kids to Disneyland, fishing, or going to a football match, the Rain Poncho is an item you should always have with you. This simple yet versatile item has become a useful and necessary product that allows people to enjoy their outdoor activities they love in all weather conditions.

We hold fast to the concept that quality, high performance, and style is infused into all of our outdoor products. With so many cheap and under-performing rain ponchos on the market, our wildly popular Rain Ponchos Set is a high-quality and unique design rain poncho that is built to help you enjoy your activities eve when it starts raining.

The easy-to-use design make it a breeze to take it on and it eliminates the sauna effect.

  • 👍 Put it in your POCKET, PURSE, BACKPACK or WALLET and you will thank us when it will come in handy in those emergency situations when the rain or snow will start out of nowhere.
  • ☔ ENJOY YOUR ADVENTURES WITHOUT WORRYING THAT THE RAIN WILL START – our heavy duty rain ponchos are great when you pack light and you don’t want to carry around your umbrella or the heavy, space consuming raincoat. When going to Disneyland, a concert, hiking, fishing, stadium or any great outdoor activity that you love.
  • ♻️ PROTECT YOURSELF FROM NATURE WITHOUT HARMING IT – 100% WATERPROOF Rain poncho will keep you dry and enjoying your outdoor activities
  • ⛰️ Our LIGHTWEIGHT PONCHO will fit almost anyone as it is one of the biggest ones available. It will fit you even with a backpack on and also our unique design will keep you cool during those hot days eliminating the sauna effect