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Linen Ring Sling


Linen is so easy to fall in love with just looking at it. We chose Linen over all other fabrics because of the fact that it is the strongest natural fiber, it is non-allergenic and the fact that it keeps you and your baby cool in the warm South African climate.



Your Pure Linen Sling should be washed alone in the washing machine on a gentle cycle using detergents free of colour brighteners. Place a sock over the rings, wash, rinse twice and hang to air dry. It may be ironed. It can be stored hanging or braided.



Please watch our tutorials to see how your baby is supposed to be worn. A baby should never be worn in the horizontal position as it poses a safety risk. If it is your first time, have someone helping you or do it close to the floor or over a bed.

Always go through the check list:

  1. Deep seat with bum below knees. Fabric stretching from knee to knee.
  2. Chin off the chest
  3. Fabric tight across baby’s back
  4. Close enough to kiss
  5. Rings in corsage position
  6. Fabric capped over your own shoulder