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Muncher Baby Silicone Dummy Clips

 Two in one! These silicone dummy clips are not only super cute, but will be a part of the family for ages.

Simply attach the baby dummy to one end of the chain and the other to clothing, baby bibs, baby swaddle etc.

Once your baby is teething, the silicone chain works as the most wonderful teether, easing pain and creating relief.

It’s 2 in 1 baby silicone dummy clip and a teether. Only  25cms long.

Munchers are multifunctional, you can attach any baby pacifier, sippy cup or blanket.

Munchers helps to soothe and relieve those itchy gums and also with their sensory development, as babies like to discover with their mouths.

We offer different shapes, materials and textures.

Furthermore, all our Munchers are made from 100% Medical-Food grade silicone – BPA FREE, Phthalates FREE, Cadmium FREE, PVC FREE and Lead-FREE, and raw/untreated beech wood.

Wood can be treated with coconut oil as well as olive oil (coconut oil has antibacterial properties)

Stainless steel clip has a plastic inner to protect the delicate fabric.

Lastly, they are perfect for modern babies on the go.

These baby teether pacifier clips will give your baby the pain relief she desire and are both stylish and fun. A perfect pacifier holder for all girls, babies and toddlers. Not to mention it is the perfect baby shower gift.

Our pacifier clips are made of high quality 100% food graded silicone and sturdy plastic clips that can even be used one handed.

It can be very frustrating when yet again a pacifier has been lost or ended up on the dirty ground. It is not always easy to clean pacifiers when you are out and about, but your baby still wants the binky! Make your day stress free with these pacifier clips today.