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Star Baby Blanket Wrap - Milk trim

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A must have for winter, this hooded star baby wrap is super convenient and practical.

  • Transfer baby from home to car seat/ pram/ buggy or sling
  • No cumbersome blankets that can slide off and no fiddly zips or buttons.
  • Great for keeping little ones warm 
  • Made from a warm luxurious fleece for winter 
  • Fleece Star wrap available in sizes: 0-3 months, 3-6 months and 6-12 months

SAFE BABY SWADDLE WRAPS - Infant baby wrap swaddle blankets for girls or boys create a womb-like feeling for newborns and prevents startle reflex.

Full coverage design from head to feet provides all-around protection, hugs baby and makes they feel secured, thus sleeping more peacefully and longer. Effectively isolate the outside cool air and keep warmth, avoids baby kicking off the quilt at night, reducing the risk of catching a cold or having the cold diarrhea.

Can be used as blanket, baby stroller warp, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, swaddle, baby crib wrap, for air-conditioned room, travelling, going out with parents etc. Also a great choice to send as a baby shower gift.