Tee-Pee Playtent

Prints and colours are subject to availability..please enquire at info@razberrykids.com.

A Totemteepee is an investment in your children. In their educational and social development, in their independence, in their ability to self calm if they feel overwhelmed. In their creativity. And in their feelings of security.  A teepee provides a safe haven, a cocoon type place for them to retreat to, when they're not having such a good day. Totem Teepees are a great way to transition your toddler to a bed and are a vehicle for your children to indulge in their fantasies. Totem Teepees are great for reading corners or quiet Lego or puzzle time. 

All our teepees are the same size. To set up a teepee takes 45 seconds! You either stretch out or draw in the poles depending on the play space available. They create a play area of up to 2 metres in diameter and stand around 1.3 metres high. When indoors the poles can be gathered together to create a smaller play space. When rolled up for storage they stand almost 2 metres tall and can be conveniently stored behind a door or under a bed.