Ubuntu Baby Carrier - stage 2

Simple. Breathable. Comfortable.
Designed to be used from 9 months+ in a front or back carry position. Made from breathable and UV resistant organic hemp fabric, perfect for warmer climates.

» 9 months+ (max 20kgs)
» Ergonomically designed
» X or H buckled shoulder straps for easy on & off
» Gentle on c-section healing
» Hood for sleep support & discreet nursing
» Large pocket (fits nappies, wipes, dummy)
» Lifetime guarantee

  • Supports your baby and maintains the ergonomic m-shape hip positioning 
  • Padded shoulder straps provide superior comfort for long walks or hikes, securing baby while releasing tension off your back, neck and shoulders.
  • Very easy-to-use and versatile
  • The waistline belt evenly distributes your baby's weight and prevents back strain. Reinforced with soft sponge, it fastens snugly with thick anti-scratch velcro. 
  • The inner padded mesh has breathable vacuum holes that facilitate air circulation. The front pocket can be rolled up and secured with an adjustable button for better airflow on hot days. 

Optimal height position for your newborn. There is a special facing-in carrying position for newborns to allow you to carry your baby high up on your chest and close to your heart. This provides you with eye contact and all-important closeness, while allowing you to supervise your baby’s breathing.

Lower height position for older babies. For added comfort, you can adjust the width of the leg openings in the facing-in position.

Simple and secure back carrying position from 12 months. With your toddler facing in, swivel the whole baby carrier from front to back. The shoulder straps will remain on your body like a closed loop, ensuring that your toddler is secure during the process. 

Upright position

The upright position keeps airways free and allows you to monitor your baby’s breathing.

Free arms and legs

Legs and arms can move freely in the Baby Carrier One, allowing your child to develop muscles, motor skills and balance.


We recommend you to carry your baby facing you for the first five months. Once your child’s neck, back and hips are strong enough, you can switch between the facing-in and front-facing position. Most babies delight in discovering the world while safely resting against your chest.


Convenient baby carrier that can be rolled up and placed in your diaper bag or under the stroller when not in use.