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Wally Wale --- Musical Night Light

Meet Lou!
A cute and stylish owl night light that is both easy to use and beautiful to look at. Use from birth as a night light next to your baby's crib, right the way through toddler years and even the older child.
With 2 separate lights, where each is fully dimmable and can be programmed to switch off automatically. 
The cry sensor, when switched on, will switch the light back on whenever your little one is crying.

- 2 Lights in 1: Owl and outer ring are two separate lights. Use together for a brighter light or separately for a low glow. These are LED so they stay cool.
- Fully adjustable brightness: Both the owl and outer ring are fully dimmable lights with little sliders at the back: choose bright, soft or ambient light for each. This makes it easy to check on your children without disturbing them.
- Timer with auto shut-off: Set the timer to automatically switch off after 30 or 60min once your child has dropped off to sleep. This can be applied to both or just to one of the lights.
- Cry sensor: If the sensor is turned on, the light of the owl will switch on the warm glowing light if your child wakes up and cries or calls in the night.
- Can run on mains power if plugged in via the supplied USB cable (with a two-prong USB adaptor, not supplied), or with 3 AA batteries (not included)