Xoxo Padded Baby Sleeping Bag (C)

Baby Sleeping bags are useful throughout the whole year. They prevent baby from kicking off duvets at night which causes them to get cold.

Baby sleeping bags are the solution to this problem. Our padded travel sleeping bags are perfect for Winter! 

They are 100% soft touch cotton, go up to 36 months and are car seat compatible. Keeping your baby warm with the highest quality of non-allergenic poly lining. Now you can go out as a family and not have to wake baby to drive home.

Let baby sleep peacefully while strapping them into the car seat through the back opening made in our travel sleeping bags. They also have a double way zip for front easy-access to change nappies and adjustable studs on sides for a snug fit.

They are suitable for both little girls and boys as they have a cute unisex design!

100% combed cotton knit.

  • grey on white or black on white
  • embroidery
  • non-allergenic poly lining
  • front easy-access double way zip
  • back opening for carseat belt
  • adjustable studs on sides for snug fit